Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute


Welcome to the website of Chris Jensen. I hold a position as Associate Professor at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where I teach courses and conduct research in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology. This site is designed to provide you with a window on my work. It also allows for interaction and dialogue, as users can make comments on many of the pages and posts found here.

One of the main features of this website is my blog, an eclectic collection of my thoughts on topics related to ecology and evolution. I particularly like to use my blog posts to highlight my participation in conferences and seminars, as well as to provide commentary on the literature that I have been reading and other forms of media I follow. I also use brief posts to provide brief reactions to various forms of media that I consume.

If you are interested in my research, you can find a summary of my interests as well as pages chronicling my various projects. You can see a list of my publications and download many of them. There’s also a page dedicated to crediting my collaborators and sources of support. The works cited page gives you important references that are linked to posts and pages on this site.

If you are interested in my teaching, you can take a look at my overall teaching philosophy as well as peruse information on the courses that I teach. Thanks to the generosity of many of my former students, you can check out student work produced in my courses. I also have a page dedicated to documenting my ongoing and past student mentoring.

There is also extensive information here on my involvement in various communities, including the Pratt Institute campus community and the larger community of science to which I belong. You can also read about my emerging community outreach project and also find links to various other organizations whose work I appreciate.

If you are interested in my personal biography, I also provide information on my education, skills, and outside interests. On my C.V. page you can look at my overall record of accomplishments.

If you would like to contact me, I provide all of my contact information as well as a form that you can use to send me an email.

Thanks for navigating to my page, and please feel free to make comments on the content that you find here.