Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Ecology, Environment, & the Anthropocene

Offered at: Pratt Logo

Course Description:
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This course fulfills the General Education requirements for a CORE Math & Science course as well as for a WRITING-INTENSIVE course.

Who Might Be Interested In This Course?
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What Background Should I Have Before I Take This Course?
This course requires no formal background in the biological sciences. It is nice if you have some memory of your high school biology class, but even that is not required.

Important Course Materials:

MSWI-270C (Ecology, Environment, & the Anthropocene) Course Syllabus
MSWI-270C (Ecology, Environment, & the Anthropocene) Term Project Guidelines

You can check out exemplary Term Project Proposals and Term Project & Summaries on the Ecology, Environment, & the Anthropocene student work page.

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This course maintains an Open Information Environment.