Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Institutional Service

I have provided service to my institution at all levels. Below I outline most of the institutional service I have performed.

I have served on a search committee whose work led to the hiring of three new full-time faculty. I proposed and was chosen to participate in our new faculty mentoring program, where I provided a new faculty member with feedback on her teaching. I have been both chair and a member at large of both our department’s major committees, the Curriculum Review Committee and the Peer Review Committee. I coordinated a series of “Swap ‘N’ Share” events in the department that allowed faculty members to share innovations in teaching and research.

I have served on the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum Review Committee, where I was responsible for reviewing proposed curriculum. I also served on the General Education Committee, which was charged with formulating assessable outcomes for the general education of undergraduates.

I was a member of Sustainable Pratt, where I chaired a committee that explored the possibility of bringing a composting program to campus and contributed to the organization of the annual Green Week celebration. I was a member of the inaugural Technology Advisory Committee, where I helped improve and promote Pratt’s educational technology potential. I served as co-chair of the Middle States Coordinating Committee, which was charged with producing Pratt’s interim Periodic Review Report for our accreditation agency. I was a member of the Calendar Committee, and led the effort to poll students and faculty as chair of the calendar survey subcommittee. I also have served as advisor of Envirolutions, a student club.