Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute


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Although I can firmly place myself within the fields of ecology and evolution, I have diverse research interests. I am well-suited to being a researcher at an institution such as Pratt, which values broad scientific interests that intersect with the many practical problems that our students tackle in their design work.

My scholarship occupies three major areas:

  1. taking novel approaches to theoretical problems in ecology and evolution;
  2. developing pedagogical tools and techniques for teaching difficult concepts in ecology and evolution; and
  3. communicating fundamental issues in ecology and evolution to a general audience.

On my various research pages you can read about my Research Interests as well as some of my ongoing and completed Projects. You can also see a list of my Publications, read about my past and present Collaborators, and see where I have received Support for my research. I also maintain a Works Cited page that lists citations that I have employed in my blog posts and other publications.