Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute


I have diverse scientific interests, and these interests are reflected in the breadth of the courses that I teach. Currently, all the courses I am actively teaching are offered at Pratt, and are thus aimed at non-majors. However, I recognize that Pratt students come with a great variety of scientific backgrounds and curiosities, and I have tried to create “different courses for different people”. For this reason it is a really good idea to peruse the course pages linked below to determine what course best fits your interests, skills, and motivation. If you have any questions about my courses, feel free to contact me.

I am planning to offer courses for majors at other higher educational institutions in the New York City area, but currently no such courses are formally planned.

Below is a list of all my courses. You can click on the course name to access a detailed description of each course.

Courses that I currently offer:
Course # Course Name Credits Level Next Offered
MSWI-260C Evolution 3 Core, Writing Intensive Spring 2018
MSWI-270C Ecology, Environment, & the Anthropocene 3 Core, Writing Intensive Spring 2018
MSCI-283C Breeders, Propagators, & Creators 3 Core Fall 2019
MSCI-362 The Evolution of Sex 3 Intermediate TBD

If you are interested in the kinds of major assessments I use in my courses, check out my page featuring student work.

Courses come and courses go. The needs of students and their academic programs fluctuate, general education requirements change, my interest in particular topics wanes and waxes, and what works at one educational institution is not necessarily what will work at another. Below is my “graveyard” of courses that I no longer offer. Some are likely gone for good, some may be periodically resurrected, and others may donate parts to a new course, but they are all — in the present — undeniably dead.

Courses that I no longer offer:
Course # Course Name Credits Level Last Offered
MSCI-260 Evolution 3 Entry Spring 2017
MSCI-270 Ecology 3 Entry Spring 2017
MSCI-271 Ecology for Architects 3 Entry Spring 2016
MSCI-463 The Evolution of Cooperation 3 Advanced Fall 2014
MSCI-160 Great Adventures in Evolution 1 Basic Spring 2013
MSCI-261 The Evolution of Play 1 Entry Spring 2013
MSCI-470 Behavioral Ecology 3 Advanced Fall 2011
MSCI-361 Human Evolution 3 Intermediate Spring 2011
n/a The Evolution of Music 1 Intermediate Spring 2010
BIO-356 Applied Population Ecology 3 Upper Majors Summer 2008