Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute


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Pratt's sculpture garden

Pratt is my intellectual and professional home, the place where most of my teaching, research, and community service happens. Since joining the Pratt faculty in 2007 I have been involved in a great variety of different initiatives across campus, from student-led sustainability improvements to coordination of a report to our accreditation agency.

Below I highlight some of the major areas of my involvement in the Pratt community. If you wish to learn more, I provide links in each section. You can also browse all my blog posts related to the Pratt community.

Green Week-2012-16Sustainability:
Pratt is home to a vibrant community of staff, students, and faculty interested in making our campus and the broader world more sustainable. I have been involved in a variety of sustainability initiatives across campus. I have coordinated events during our annual Green Week that promote sustainable transportation, and given presentations at the Sustainable Crash Course. I contribute courses to our Minor in Sustainability and appear as a regular guest lecturer in the Sustainability Core course. I am also the proud advisor of Envirolutions, Pratt’s student club dedicated to environmental activism.

Institutional Service:
Pratt, like many higher education campuses, relies heavily on its faculty to set, assess, and achieve its institutional goals. I have enjoyed the many opportunities to be involved in my Department, School, and the Institute at large.

I have always been interested in curriculum development, and at Pratt I have been able to consider curriculum at a variety of scales. I have developed new teaching tools in collaboration with graduate students, designed eight new courses, and served on committees related to curriculum at all levels of the institutional hierarchy.

I am also a proud and active member of our faculty union, the United Federation of College Teachers Local 1460.