Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute


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Below is a current list of my most important publications, many of which can be downloaded as a PDF:

Jensen, C. X J., Brian Brooks, Keena Suh, Allegra Marino Shmulevsky, and Chris Wynter, 2019. The art of designing a curriculum optimized for learning transfer. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning 51(6):52-60.

Jensen, C. X J., 2019. The Evolution of Play. In The Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science (Todd K. Shackelford and Viviana A. Weekes-Shackelford, editors). New York, New York: Springer Reference.

Jensen, C. X J., 2016. Adolescent behavior doesn’t make sense (except in the light of cultural evolution). This View of Life.

He, J-Z., R-W. Wang, C. X J. Jensen, and Y-T. Li, 2015. Asymmetric interaction paired with a super-rational strategy might resolve the tragedy of the commons without requiring recognition or negotiation. Scientific Reports 5:7715; DOI:10.1038/srep07715.

Yule, J. V., R. J. Fournier, C. X J. Jensen, and J. Yang, 2014. A review and synthesis of late Pleistocene extinction modeling: Progress delayed by mismatches between ecological realism, interpretation, and methodological transparencyQuarterly Review of Biology 89:91-106. 

He, J-Z., R-W. Wang, C. X J. Jensen, Y-T. Li, and C-Q. Li, 2012. Cooperation in an asymmetric volunteer’s dilemma game with relatednessScience Bulletin 57:1972-1981. 

Yule, J. V., C. X J. Jensen, A. Joseph, and J. Goode, 2009. The Puzzle of North America’s Late Pleistocene Megafaunal Extinction Patterns: Test of New Explanation Yields Unexpected Results. Ecological Modelling 220:533-544.

Ginzburg, L. R. and C. X J. Jensen, 2008. From controversy to consensus: The indirect interference functional response. Verhandlungen IVL 30:297–301.

Ginzburg, L. R., C. X J. Jensen and J. V. Yule, 2007. Aiming the “unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics” at ecological theory. Ecological Modelling 207:356-362.

Jensen, C. X J., J. M. Jeschke, and L. R. Ginzburg, 2007. A direct, experimental test of resource vs. consumer dependence: Comment. Ecology 88:1600-1602.

Jensen, C. X J. and L. R. Ginzburg, 2005. Paradoxes or Theoretical Failures? The jury is still out. Ecological Modelling 188:3-14.

Ginzburg, L. R. and C. X J. Jensen, 2004. Rules of thumb for judging ecological theories. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 19:121-126.

You might also be interested in my dissertation:

Jensen, C. X J. 2007. Predation and its Consequences: Insights into the Modeling of Interference.