Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Applied Population Ecology

Previous Offered at:
This is a course that I have taught at Stony Brook University. Currently, I am no longer offering this course.

Course Description:

Who Might Be Interested In This Course?
Wondering what makes a species endangered or vulnerable? Curious about why populations of pests explode or fisheries crash? Wondering how to make decisions in the face of uncertainty? This course will allow you to explore the mechanics of population growth in the real world, where uncertainties create risk rather than certainty. The challenge to quantitative conservation biologists is to quantify risk so that policy-makers can make informed decisions, and in this course will teach you the basics of estimating the viability of a population through the use of computer-based simulations. If you are interested in how to deal with uncertainty and risk in making ecological predictions, or want to get a better understanding of the quantitative science underlying conservation biology, you will benefit from this course.

What Background Should I Have Before I Take This Course?
This is an advanced biology course which requires students to have taken courses in introductory biology. Although not absolutely necessary, having taken an ecology course is also valuable. Students taking this course need to have a strong background in mathematics, especially algebra and matrix operations. Some experience with calculus is also helpful, as is a basic familiarity with the use of spreadsheets.

Important Course Materials:

Applied Population Ecology Course Syllabus
Applied Population Ecology Term Project Guidelines