Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

My So-Called Portfolio

Below is a gallery of images used on my webpage that I have created myself. Some are digital but most are created by old-fashioned glue-and-brayer collaging, generally using old issues of National Geographic. I do not sell my work, and most of the pieces below are covers of notebooks or cards that I have given to people, usually to say thank you.

2017 work:


2016 work:


2015 work:


2014 work:


Work pre-2014:

Shows and Exhibitions:

2012: Our Ocean is a Park v.2, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY.

These six collages are meditations on what it means to live a life worth being proud of. Our time is relatively short and our capacity to enact change is limited, but our actions can express values and intent that give life meaning. A life well lived is worth struggling with and, eventually, letting go of. Our actions are swallowed up by the world, utterly blurred and forgotten, but they push what exists ever so much closer to what we have hoped for.

Check out the catalog for this show here.

2003: Musicians as Artists art show sponsored by the Long Island Freespace, Unitarian Universalist Church, Garden City, NY, Long Island.

This show, put on to support the Long Island Freespace in 2003, featured musicians who also create art.