Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Great Adventures in Evolution student work

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Final Project
This course is built around the production of a Final Project that allows students to demonstrate their ability to identify key scientific ideas and concepts found in the course readings and to communicate these ideas/concepts through a creative work. Students complete a proposal for their project by choosing a focal reading and constructing a concept map depicting their project idea. After submitting their work, the class spends the final weeks of the course presenting and discussing their Final Projects. The guidelines for this assignment can be found here. Below are some of the best student Final Projects I have received, downloadable as PDF’s:

Digital reconstruction of hominoid skulls © Andrew Bradford (Spring 2013)
Icefish illustration © Steve Winfield Meyer (Spring 2013)
“Mimetic Analogy in Butterflies” © Cassandra Brown (Spring 2013)
Untitled © Brian Stremick (Fall 2012)
The Mimic Octopus © Kristin Culmo (Fall 2012)
Butterfly Mimicry Triptych © Jessica Schultz (Fall 2012)

Below is a gallery of the work students have completed for this assignment:

You can click on each of the images above to see the work in more detail. The description for each image also includes a link to the Project Summary that accompanies the work.

All of this work is used with permission of the students who produced it. Please respect the intellectual property rights of these students by not using their work without their permission. If you would like to contact any of the students who produced this work, contact me.