Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Evolutionary Games Infographic Project: New “conceptual” images

Posted 06 Feb 2012 / 0

UPDATE: The images discussed below are now available for free use on the Evolutionary Games Infographic Project page. For the past two semesters I have been working with Greg Riestenberg, a graduate student in Pratt’s Communications Design program, to come up with a new series of images designed to explain some common evolutionary games (I am Read More

Evolutionary Games Infographics, Game Theory, Information Design

What kind of in-group does Facebook represent?

Posted 05 Feb 2012 / 0

On the Media “Life in Facebookistan” I am fascinated by the idea that we all belong to many overlapping social groups, and I wonder how these groups might be subject to multilevel selection. “Facebookistan” is an interesting conceptualization of a large international group: Facebook users. With characteristic incisive questioning, On The Media suggests that this might Read More

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