Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

On the verge of 400 ppm Carbon Dioxide: a symbolic threshold

Posted 23 Feb 2015 / 0

According to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, it appears that February 2015 will be the month in which the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeds 400 part per million: Various sources have been predicting that we would soon reach this symbolic milestone, and it appears that this will be the month when it Read More

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PCB Bioaccumulation and Polar Bear Penises

Posted 20 Feb 2015 / 0

National Geographic News “Is Pollution Weakening Polar Bears’ Ability to Mate?” This sounds like fodder for a late-night television laugh line, but this is a pretty scary example of how bioaccumulation of toxins can have important conservation consequences. From a conservation perspective, there is nothing worse than a ubiquitous pollutant reducing the ability of a Read More

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The Altruist theme is live and done on this site

Posted 20 Feb 2015 / 0

I am very proud to announce that new theme on this site — which has been “in development” for the past seven months — is now officially done. I am greatly indebted to Olivia Hu, former student and WordPress designer extraordinaire, for creating this theme for me. She has had it 99.9% done for about Read More

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The Big Questions in Ecology and Evolution

Posted 16 Feb 2015 / 2

The first season of my new video series, The WmD Project, will be focused on the foundational questions of ecology and evolution. As such I have been doing a little bit of research into these “big questions”, in particular as they were conceived of by the twin muses of this project, Alfred Russel Wallace and Read More

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E&E in A&D: Genetic profiling as art?

Posted 13 Feb 2015 / 0

Smithsonian Magazine “Creepy or Cool? Portraits Derived From the DNA in Hair and Gum Found in Public Places” I find a lot of art to be gimmicky. I know as a professor at an art and design school, that could get me into some trouble, so let me explain what I mean. “Gimmicky” art to Read More

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