Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

NYC Solar Map: a powerful tool for transformation to a solar future

Posted 12 Jun 2015 / 0

A colleague of mine, Jeremy Tausch, just pointed me towards the NYC Solar Map, an amazing tool for promoting the increased use of solar electricity and solar water heating in New York City. The interactive online map allows users to find out information about existing solar installation in the five boroughs, providing both a ‘reputational Read More

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The Altruist theme is live and done on this site

Posted 20 Feb 2015 / 0

I am very proud to announce that new theme on this site — which has been “in development” for the past seven months — is now officially done. I am greatly indebted to Olivia Hu, former student and WordPress designer extraordinaire, for creating this theme for me. She has had it 99.9% done for about Read More

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The New Theme is nearly permanent

Posted 08 Sep 2014 / 0

As you can probably see, this new thematic presentation of my site is nearly finished. I have a lot of cleaning up to do, but my former student and generous web designer Olivia Hu has gotten the basic platform of this theme up to an amazing level. Thanks so much to Olivia for all her Read More

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Back to the old theme

Posted 13 Aug 2014 / 0

Unfortunately Olivia and I have had to pause on the implementation of the new theme for this site. Some technical problems were making live development really difficult, so I am back — for now — to the old theme.

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New theme in development for this site

Posted 11 Aug 2014 / 0

If this site seems a bit different today than it was yesterday, that is because I am working with a former student (Olivia Hu) to develop a theme that better serves the needs of this site. Put more accurately: Olivia is providing all the design understanding, know-how, and work, and I am making minor suggestions. Read More

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Do we need to delete to keep the web sustainable?

Posted 05 Feb 2014 / 2

WNYC New Tech City “The World Would be a Better Place if We [DELETED] More” The title of this piece is a bit misleading, because on the cognitive side it is really unclear to me that forcing ourselves to memorize things would make our lives better (those who know me know that I am “anti-memorization”, Read More

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