Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Celebrating Studios Days Spring 2015

Posted 15 May 2015 / 0

Being on the school Calendar Committee is not the most glamorous academic service assignment. Our task — create the academic calendar for coming school years — seems so simple that it might beg the question “what’s the need for a committee?”. Well, once you find a ‘calendar system’ that works for a given institution, the Read More

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Grass on a Pedestal

Posted 08 May 2015 / 0

Around this time of year at Pratt a great variety of student sculpture work sprouts up on the grounds. I thought that this one was particularly interesting. I could not find out what its title was or who made it, but I thought that it nicely captured our relationship to grass, especially on the Pratt Read More

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The costly nature of wind pollination

Posted 05 May 2015 / 2

It is once again that time of year, the time when trees that rely on wind pollination dump a really absurd amount of pollen into the air. The surfaces of outdoor objects become covered in a layer of yellow dust that is shockingly visible to the naked eye. When it rains, run-off nearly glows yellow Read More

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