Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

High-throughput screening accelerates the rate at which evolved plant chemicals can be turned into medicine

Posted 29 Jun 2012 / 0

Science “Mining the Biodiversity of Plants: A Revolution in the Making” What’s fascinating to me about this is what happens when we have screened every plant we can find… will we then stop caring about the medicinal value of biodiversity?

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Changing rice from C3 to C4 in order to feed our growing population

Posted 29 Jun 2012 / 0

Science “The Development of C4 Rice: Current Progress and Future Challenges” I will be amazed if this works. The C3/C4 pathway split is a major evolutionary event in plants, and apparently we are poised to horizontally transfer this adaptation across lineages using genetic engineering. If this works, it will be an unprecedented feat of cultural Read More

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Fences exclude invasive predators, give aid to threatened Hawaiian birds

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Science “Fences Make Good Nest Sites“

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