Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Chronicle of Higher Education feature explores the question of why more women do not succeed in science

Posted 29 Oct 2012 / 0

The Chronicle of Higher Education “More Gender Diversity Will Mean Better Science

The Chronicle of Higher Education “Why STEM Fields Still Don’t Draw More Women

The Chronicle of Higher Education “Is Biology Just Another Pink-Collar Profession?

The Chronicle of Higher EducationDoes This Lab Coat Make Me Look Fat?

One of the most fascinating threads that runs through all these articles is that women want to make a difference in the larger society, and that science, technology, engineering, and math fields do not (apparently) make their benefits well enough known. But is this the problem? Maybe the very problematic nature of these fields — that they produce as many poisons as cures — is what repulses many women. If this is the case, perhaps it is these fields and not their messaging to women that needs to change.

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