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The WmD Project has a logo

Posted 24 Jul 2014 / 0
Wallace Darwin Logo 2014-07-24-0640px

I am finally getting chopping on The WmD Project, a new educational media series that I am going to start producing in the coming months.

I like to have a logo for each of my projects; above is the logo that I constructed for this project. The images of Wallace and Darwin are from Wikimedia Commons. Thanks to Tagishsimon and Trachemys for providing these public domain images.

There’s obviously a lot that I need to flesh out about this project, but I like the tagline that I have provided in this logo. If there is one thing that will define this project, it is a sense that while Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin were exceptional observers and thinkers, the curiosity that drove their scientific explorations need not be uncommon. Any of us might ask the same kinds of questions that Wallace and Darwin so passionately pursued.

Those of you who have obscure grindcore knowledge will recognize that this logo is a ripoff of the old Man Is The Bastard logos. The rest of you should not worry about what that means.

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