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This site is now hosted by A Small Orange

Posted 03 Aug 2014 / 0

As I chronicled in a previous post, I have been looking to switch my web hosting services to a company that has a sustainability policy. Well, I have made my choice.

This site is now hosted by A Small Orange, which assures that 150% of their power needs are compensated by wind power credits.

As this table shows, A Small Orange is not the most sustainable-minded company of the ones that I considered. If you want the host that purchases the greatest amount of sustainable energy credits to offset their impact, GreenGeeks or FatCow are better bets. And if you want to go with the host that seems most comprehensively committed to infusing sustainability throughout all their practices, AISO seems like the best choice. But in the end, I was balancing the quality of host service with the demand of being sustainable. A Small Orange seemed to strike the best balance between hosting quality and commitment to sustainability.

I also learned through this process that switching hosts is not as painful as I had feared. That is in large part due to the great tech support I have experienced thus far with A Small Orange. But it also means that I am not afraid to switch to a new host should a more sustainable high-quality host appear.

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