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In the end, climate compromise comes down to writing and editing

Posted 01 Jun 2015 / 0

National Public Radio Morning EditionEditing The Climate Talkers: Punctuation’s Effect On Earth’s Fate

I would suggest that the future of human civilization depends on reaching an international agreement to put a halt to — and partially reverse — anthropogenic climate change. Although the history of climate change agreements is pretty fraught, it does appear that we are moving closer and closer to such an agreement. Whether that agreement will actually prevent climate change depends on the content of this agreement: the words that make up the treaty. I thought that this was a fascinating piece on how daunting this process is. If modern humanity is defined by its incredible scale  — both of impact and interdependency — then this is the paradigmatic task of living at this scale: to reach a consensus among so many stakeholders speaking so many different languages about how to keep our own activities from undermining life as we know it.

We need cooperation at a global scale in order to maintain our global-scale civilization.

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