Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Without sustainability in our diets, we won’t be sustainable

Posted 07 Oct 2015 / 0

NPR Morning EditionNew Dietary Guidelines Will Not Include Sustainability Goal

Man, this is a bummer. If our dietary guidelines are simply aimed at maximizing our bodily health but not the long-term health of our civilization and the planet upon which we depend, what’s the point of these guidelines?

I love how the meat industry quibbles with numbers on this one. As if doing a more fine-grained quantification of impact-per-nutrient would radically change the fact that animal food products are unsustainable! Attention environmentally-conscious graduate students! Here’s a really easy project with the potential to impact sustainability policy: compare plant- and animal-based food on a nutrient-for-nutrient basis (rather than pound-for-pound) in terms of impact per nutrient delivered. That should put an end to the quibbling!

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