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Want to know where NYC’s water supply stands? There’s a DEP page for that!

Posted 02 Nov 2016 / 0

I recently discovered this page on the Environmental Protection site. It’s pretty cool: if you are worried about NYC’s water supply, you can get up-to-date information on where our reservoirs stand.

When I ask my students to cite sustainability issues, they often point to how water is wasted in NYC on things like spraying off driveways or over-watering lawns and plantings. And while I don’t want to endorse wasting water under any circumstances, the robustness of NYC’s water supply makes water conservation issues a lot less worrisome than most other issues we think of when we think about urban sustainability.

The NYC water system is a triumph of ecosystem services and design. Ecosystem services — specifically the preservation of watershed ecosystems that filter NYC’s water before it trickles into our many reservoirs — assure the quality of our water supply. And a genius design that predominantly uses gravity to transport water to its urban users lowers the impact of our water consumption due to expenditure of energy.

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