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A cool (new-ish) IPD game theory simulator!

Posted 25 Oct 2018 / 0

Back in 2011, I worked with a talented Pratt Digital Arts graduate student name Jean Ho Chu to create a flash-based game that allowed players to explore Robert Axelrod’s seminal iterated prisoner’s dilemma simulations. I think that our game was pretty valuable, mostly thanks to Jean’s many innovative graphic and interactive creations.

But culture ratchets forward, and Nicky Case‘s The Evolution of Trust game definitely takes IPD simulators to the next level.

What I really like about this game interface is that it creates an educational narrative. While it allows for plenty of opportunity to experiment with different game conditions, it does so in a progressive manner that scaffolds the user to deeper and deeper understanding of the properties of these games. And it does so in a way that’s fun and funny. Very nice work!

If I ever revive my Evolution of Cooperation course, this interface will figure prominently!

Thanks to my student Cloud Ortiz Ortega for pointing this game out to me!

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