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My interview with Ardis DeFreece has been published in SciArt Magazine

Posted 15 Feb 2019 / 0
afd-hatfield_orig.jpegArdis DeFreece creating the “Curiosity” installation at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

I am very excited that my interview with painter and draftswoman Ardis DeFreece has been published in SciArtMagazine. You can read the interview, “Ardis DeFreece: Curiosity at the Intersection Between Art and Science“, for free.

I met Ardis at the 2017 Ecological Society of America meeting in Portland, Oregon and became interested in how she has used multiple artist residencies within scientific institutions to create artwork. She graciously accepted my invitation to do an email interview, and then was incredibly patient while I took way too long to finish the interview and find it a place to be published. Thanks for your patience Ardis! And thanks to SciArtMagazine editor Julia Buntaine for including the interview in this great publication.

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