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In the Light of Evolution V: Cooperation (January 7th)

Posted 07 Jan 2011 / 0

John C. Avise [1, 2] started off the colloquium by giving a very brief introduction to the In the Light of Evolution series, highlighting much of the history I discussed in my preview. Peter Nonacs “Insect Societies: Pinnacles of Cooperation” Nonacs began his talk by giving it an additional subtitle: “peaks of runaway niceness”. His Read More

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In the Light of Evolution V: Cooperation (An Abbreviated and Incomplete Social Network Analysis of the Speakers)

Posted 04 Jan 2011 / 0

In a couple of days I will be attending the In the Light of Evolution V: Cooperation colloquium, and in preparation I have been reviewing the work of the featured speakers. Tomorrow, I will be posting a preview of the meeting. The meeting promises to be broad and interdisciplinary. It also features a very elite Read More

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E.O. Wilson’s “The Four Great Books of Darwin”

Posted 02 Jan 2011 / 0

In preparation for my attendance at the In the Light of Evolution V: Cooperation conference, I have been checking out past National Academy of Sciences colloquia in this series. In 2009, there was an In the Light of Evolution of III: Two Centuries of Darwin conference. There are podcast MP4’s for each of the talks Read More

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