Christopher X J. Jensen
Associate Professor, Pratt Institute

Greg Graffin on The Takeaway

Posted 15 Nov 2010 / 0

Back in the early 1990’s, I could be found skateboarding around the campus of Pomona College. As I rolled my way from the dining hall to those eight o’clock classes in Chemistry that served to weed out potential Biology majors who were not inclined to early rising or algebra, chances are that there was a Read More

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The Role of Technology in Human Evolution

Posted 04 Nov 2010 / 0

Today’s version of The Takeaway featured an interesting interview with Kevin Kelly, author of a new book called What Technology Wants. You can listen to the segment here: Although I have not read the book, I am familiar and interested in the subject matter that Kelly tackles: the role of technology in human evolution. There Read More

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2010 Convention on Biological Diversity and Ecosystem Services (Sorta)

Posted 27 Oct 2010 / 0

There was an interesting piece today on Public Radio International‘s The World about the Convention on Biological Diversity (taking place in Japan) called “Environment Biodiversity as natural capital“. Guest Thomas Lovejoy talks about various examples of natural capital, including the oft-cited example of how New York City’s watershed was preserved through a valuation of ecosystem Read More

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