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I am taking my semester of rest… come Fall 2015

Posted 28 Dec 2014 / 0

2014-12-28I am excited to announce that after eight full years of service to Pratt Institute, I have been awarded a sabbatical for the Fall of 2015. It is amazing that I have been teaching at Pratt for this long, but this “semester of rest” also feels long overdue.

My plan is to use this semester off (along with the summer preceding it) to work on a book project. This would be my first book, so I have no idea how much progress I will make in this six-and-a-half month period, but my hope would be to at least have a solid proposal. We will see how realistic that is, especially given that I have other projects that I also need to work on during this sabbatical.

I do not want to give away too much about the book, but it will be about the current-day tension between cultural and biological reproduction as well as the evolutionary implications of this tension.

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